Our Location: Wheaton, Illinois and surrounding communities

We're located at 1900 Manchester Road in Wheaton, Illinois
across the street from the DuPage County Fairgrounds.

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The city of Wheaton, Illinois is located 25 miles due west of Chicago.

Wheaton College, established in 1860, also bears the name of the founders, Warren and Jesse Wheaton, who came west from Connecticut. The college, whose motto, "For Christ and His Kingdom," remains the center of its mission, is one of the premier Christian colleges in the world.

The Wheaton area remains home to many Christian organizations, including Christianity Today, Good News Publishers and Tyndale House Publishers. As the city has grown, however, the once-predomininantly evanglecal flavor of the community has become much more like that of any other Midwest suburb, with a variety of religious affiliations (and the growing number of "nones") and a significant number of ethinic groups that continue to change in kaleidscopic fashion as waves of immigrants come from different parts of the world.

City of Wheaton


Population Information

Population (2010 Census): 52,894
Percentage Male/Female: 48.8/51.2 percent

White 89.1%
Asian 6.3%
Black/African American 4.0%
Other <1.0%
Hispanic or Latino (out of total) 4.9%

Median Age: 38.1 years
Total Households: 19,191

Family households: 13,299 (69.3%)

Husband-wife family: 11,246 (58.6%) - 6,114 (26.8%) with children under 18
Male householder, no wife present: 484 (2.5%) - 192 (0.9%) with childen under 18
Female householder, no husband present: 1,569 (8.2%) - 793 (4.1%) with children under 18

Nonfamily households: 5,892 (30.7%)

Male, living alone: 1,781 (9.3%) - 393 (2.0%) 65 and over
Female, living alone: 3,158 (16.5%) - 1,413 (7.4%) 65 and over

Median Household Income: $84,980
Owner-Occupied Housing: 73.4 percent
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing: $354,000
Percentage of Population Unemployed: 4.4 percent

Geographical Information

Land Area: 11.25 square miles
Distance to Chicago: 25 miles
Miles of Streets: 165 miles
Acres of Parks: 800 acres (Wheaton Park District)
Number of Parks: 52 (Wheaton Park District)
Mean Travel Time to Work: 27.3 minutes

Postal/Phone Information

Area Codes: 630, 331 (added Oct. 7, 2007)
Zip Codes: 60187 (addresses north of and including Roosevelt Road); 60189 (addresses south of Roosevelt Road)

City History

First Settled: 1837-38
Date of Incorporation: 1859
Form of Government: Council-Manager
County Seat Since: 1867

Weather Information

Average Winter Temperature: 24 degrees F
Average Summer Temperature: 75 degrees F
Average Annual Rainfall: 33 inches
Average Annual Snowfall: 32 inches

Other communties

In addition to Wheaton, the Evangel family includes people from surrounding communities, the most prominent among them (with their 2010 populations) are the following (links go to the official website):


Public Schools

Private Schools (There are more than 150 in DuPage County, from PK through high school. These two have had the most significant connection with Evangel families over the years, as students and staff. (Both started in Wheaton and moved further west when more space was needed).

Higher Education (Several others have branches in the Wheaton area. These are the most prominent.)

Retirement Communities

A number of retirement communities have been home to Evangel seniors: Wyndemere (Wheaton), Winsdor Park (Carol Stream) and The Holmstad (Batavia).

Demographic Resources

Demographic data is from the City of Wheaton website and the U.S. Census Bureau.
To view more demographic information about any community in the United States, use the Census Bureau QuickFacts or, for more detailed reports, use the American Factfinder.

Note: While the U.S. Census Bureau has a weatlh of information about the American population down to the community level, it is prohibited by law from collecting information about people's religious practices and preferences.