Extending the ministry of Evangel's campus is our relationship with other churches and organizations. Currently, three organizations use our facilities:

Other Churches

First Russion Baptist Church

Evangel has been home to First Russian Baptist Church for more than a decade. From our own denominational roots among Swedish Baptist immigrants a century and more ago, we share an affinity for believers who came more recently to America, many of those associated with FRBC came from Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

FRBC pastors Edward Mamalet and Oleg Sigidin are "tentmakers" who have full-time jobs outside the church.

Services are in Russian. Sunday worship is at 2:00 pm. For prayer, Bible study and other meetings, see the FRBC website (in Russian).


EDGE—(Eastern DuPage for Godly Education)

EDGE is a Christian homeschool co-op group for Gym and Enrichment (G&E). After meeting in Lombard for a number of years, we were pleased to be able to become their new home base in the fall of 2013. There are approximately 80 children from 30 families who meet on Fridays.

See the EDGE website for more details.