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ALL is limited to 4 years; using date range can start the search earlier
when used on extensive calendars, add one or more filters below to narrow your search

Hints on searching the Calendar List

You can narrow your search using one or all of four criteria:

  1. Date range:
    • By Scope
      • Currect shows six weeks beginning with Sunday of the current week
      • Recent also shows six weeks, but starts three weeks earlier
      • All goes back #request.site_hitory# years—use date range to go back further
        when used on extensive calendars, this should be used in combination with other filters to restrict the number of items returned
    • By specific date range using the From and To fields
      • The filter shows the actual dates by a selected Scope, but you can change either or both the From and To dates. You can enter a date or use the date picker.
      • If you enter a date and use only month and day, the calendar will assume you mean the current year. You can use a slash or dash (4/15 of 4-15) and you do not need leading zeros for single digit months or days.
      • If you enter a date for another year, you only need the two digits of the desired year (4/15/10 or 4-15-10). Since dates prior to the year 2000 are not found in the calendars of any of our current sites, there is no need for 4-digit years.
      • Don't assume an error occurs if the date you enter or pick changes - the filter automatically sets the range from the Sunday of the "From" week to the Saturday of the "To" week.
    • The Calendar List will show only dates and items that fall within the selected date range and match any other filter criteria, not every date within the range. (Use the grid view to see a complete calendar).
  2. Category—each calendar item is assigned to one category, which is associated with the color-coded markers used in list or grid view.
  3. Topic—each calendar item can also be assigned to one topic, which acts like a sub-category (unlike the Resource Center, where each item can be assigned to multiple topics).
    When searching by topic, you will likely have the greatest success starting with the topic alone, then narrowing the other search options as needed
  4. Keywords
    The Calendar looks for a word, phrase or part of a word in the calendar item title, subtitle or description. This is a simple search, which looks for the exact text you have entered, since there is little need in the calendar for the more complex keyword options often found in very large databases and search engines. For the greatest success, start with a short, simple keyword and then narrow down if necessary by adding to the keyword.

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