Living in Christ

The legacy of Evangel Baptist Church includes its corporate aim "to know and glorify God through worship, nurture and evangelism". This section of the site explores some of the opportuntiies and resources that support that legacy.

Digging Deeper

In this section you fill find:

  • The Resources page outlines a number of ways to nurture your walk with Christ through the Archives of the Evangel Baptist Church, including sermon notes and podcasts, "Touch Points" devotionals, and Daily Bible Readings.
  • "What the Bible says about..." (Topical Guide menu option) lists about three dozen topics from doctrine to Christian living, with links to Bible passages and additional suggestions for books, media and other links..
  • In addition, the site-wide Resource Center has additional information on a range of topics.

In other sections you will find:

  • For those who are seeking more information about Jesus and the Christian faith, the Seeking God section has a list of websites, documents, and a feature called "Where to find help when you are..." (Find Help menu option), which focuses on Bible passages and other resources, similar to "What the Bible says about...", but more focused on life circumstances and personal feelings.
  • The original Affirmation of Faith and Church Covenant are found in the About Us section. These statements were part of the Constitution of Evangel Baptist Church and while not contained in the more streamlined Bylaws of the Foundation still express its core beliefs.

"What the Bible says about..." and "Where to find help when you are..." are adapted from the appendix of the English Standard Version of the Bible (Crossway, Wheaton IL).