Supported Missionaries (H - L)

While the church directory lists personal contact information, the links provided here are those available through websites or other public sources.
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Beth Hannah
Camino Global (formerly CAM International)
Obrero Fiel team, discpling women of Abundant Life Church
Websites: Camino Global (Beth's location, this is in Spanish)
Blog "icecreamgram" • Facebook <• E-mail

Beth attended Evangel with her family when they were on furlough and for a time when her husband Ken (deceased) taught at Moody.
Supported since 1981

Ben and Sarah Johnson
Immigrant Hope (Evangelical Free Church of America)
Assistant Director
based in Minneapolis area
Email: BenSarah

Ben and Sarah were active members of Evangel while students at Wheaton College. When doors for employment in the Wheaton area closed, they pursued other options and were led by God to a new work among immigrants, based first in Brooklyn and more recently in the Minneapolis area.
Supported since 2012

Eric and Janet Johnson
Converge Worldwide
Leadership development and church mobilization
Email: EricJanet

Evangel started support for Eric and Janet when they were first in Mexico, then through a time in multi-cultural ministry with our MidAmerica district, and now back in Mexico.
Supported since 1981

Bob and Debbie Long
Converge Worldwide
Transitioning from youth work in the U.S. to a term of teaching in the Philippines


Evangel began supporting Bob when he was directing the Next Generation Iniative for Converge (midwest district and national), had connection with our Youth Pastors and visited several times a year.
Supported since 2003

Does not show people whose identity and location we cannot reveal because they work in countries that are closed to the Gospel and Christians can be persecuted. (See The Persecuted Church page).

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