Seeking God

We live in an age that has been increasingly noted for "the rise of the nones" as more people abandon the church and say they have no denominational or church preference. Many still recognize a spiritual component to being human and are seeking to fill it, whether with a meaningful sense of spirituality or through a personal God. We invite you to consider some of the materials offered in this section . . . a variety of websites, documents, and other resources to help you on that journey.

Getting Started

Several websites that may help:

  • Who is Jesus . . . Really? —a short overview available in a number of languages.
  • Need Him —“Every year thousands of people contact us to talk about Him. Phone calls, online chatting, and texting.”
  • GodLife —A place to learn, explore and connect.
  • Peace with God —A 4-step journey to peace.

We have also posted two basic documents:

  • First Steps to God is a one-page outline developed by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship that appears in Speaking of Jesus by J. Mack Stiles.
  • God's Good News is another one-page outline adapted from Becoming a Contagious Christian.

Several pages may also be useful to you. All three contain links to dozens of Bible passages that relate to the topic. The first two also contain additional suggested material (books, media, links, etc.)

  • Where to find help when you are..., under Find Help in this section, is a list of topics and Bible passages addressing a number of personal circumstances (afraid, angry, anxious, etc.)
  • What the Bible says about..., under Topical Guide in the Living in Christ section is a list of topics and Bible passages that goes beyond this one to cover a wide range of subjects (acceptance, church, courage, death, demons, drinking and drugs, etc.)
  • What We Believe, contains concise statements with several Bible passages for each of the thirteen basic tenets of Evangel's Affirmation of Faith (The Word of God, The Trinity, God the Father, etc.)

These are just a few resources that may be helpful. See the Seeking God section of the Resource Center for more (it will be expanded and updated to include books, documents and other material). The Christian Life section may also be helpful.